Novalis Seeds of Faith

Featuring posts by members of the Novalis publishing team, as well as leading Catholic educators and pastoral ministers, Novalis Seeds of Faith Blog provides thoughtful and engaging commentary on faith, spirituality and Church life.

Questions and thoughts about the blog may be sent to the Natalia Kononenko, the manager of the blog.

Company Profile

Novalis is the largest bilingual religious publisher in Canada. Founded in Ottawa in 1936 by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Novalis publishes religious books in English and in French. Well known for its Sunday Missal and monthly periodical Living with Christ, Novalis serves as Canada’s religious publisher.

In all its publications, Novalis expresses the Christian faith in an accessible and comprehensible manner. Novalis provides original and affordable works that enable the readers to know more about their Christian heritage and to better live their faith in a changing world. Always attentive to the needs of Christian communities, our ministry is that of service: to create and publish resources that will enable people to better understand their faith and to integrate that faith into their daily life and worship.

Mission Statement

Novalis produces creative and affordable resources that help people to explore their religious heritage, to live their faith, to deepen their relationship with Christ, to pray, to take part actively in the liturgical and sacramental life of their Church, and to participate in the creation of a more just world.

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