Joseph Sinasac, M.A., is Publishing Director for Novalis. He has been involved with religious communications for more than 17 years as an author, journalist, editor and TV and radio commentator on all things Catholic. He continues to be excited by the commitment and passion of the Catholics he meets in his daily work.



Simon Appolloni has been the Editorial Director for Novalis Publishing since June 2016. He has his PhD in religion and environmental studies, and a Master of Divinity. Simon finds meaning through music, sharing in community, and the pursuit of a just and sustainable world.


Anne Louise Mahoney is Managing Editor of English books at Novalis. As a lifelong bookworm, she loves working with authors on books and other resources that help readers of all ages to learn about and grow in their faith in today’s world.


10443415_10152495908689467_4316414290657337337_n copy.jpg

Matthew Sottile is Marketing Coordinator for Novalis. He enjoys writing in his spare time, and recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Education and Art History. He also completed his Bachelor of Education from O.I.S.E.


Natalia IMG_3417.JPG copy.jpgKononenko is the Editor of Living with Christ at Novalis. Natalia loves to discover new saints, discuss faith and gather wisdom from people’s life stories. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Regis College, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Christianity and Culture from the University of St. Michael’s College, both at the University of Toronto.

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