Novalis Launches New Blog: Seeds of Faith

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We launch this blog today, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, because it reminds us of a particular moment in time. For it was on this day, back in 1935, that the seeds of Novalis were sown.

On that cold December day in Ottawa, Oblate Missionary Father André Guay announced to a large demonstration of the Young Catholic Workers movement that a new Catholic Centre would be created. This centre, sponsored by the Oblates at the University of Ottawa, would be a place where clerics and lay people could study the issues of the day relating to their faith. Together, they would look for practical solutions to difficulties Catholics encounter in their everyday lives of worship, work and home.

The first fruits of the Catholic Centre were Prie avec l’Eglise and its English counterpart Pray with the Church — small missalettes to help Catholics follow along in Mass. Today you know them as Prions en Eglise and Living with Christ, and they are found in numerous French- and English-speaking countries around the world.

They formed the heart of what is now Novalis.

Today, like the Catholic Centre of old, Novalis takes advantage of the best new communication technologies to continue to reach the masses with affordable, accessible tools that help them connect more deeply to their faith. With this blog, we carry on that great tradition. Stay tuned.

—Joseph Sinasac, Publishing Director


  1. I always look forward to reading the commentaries that are included in Living with Christ. I’m looking forward to more of the same in this blog.

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