Enjoying the Holidays

We all want Christmas to be a special time of year, with family, friends and the perfect gifts for all. But often we get caught up in materialistic trappings, consumerist distractions and an emphasis on perfection that only adds stress to what should be a celebratory time of year.

According to a recent Globe and Mail article,¬† the best way to have “better memories of events is to have lower expectations.” So this year don’t stress about the presents, stop worrying about burning the turkey and tune out the commercials that say you need this or that item to have a perfect Christmas. Here are some practical ways that we can move away from a Christmas filled with consumerism and focus on what is really important to us and our families:


  • Instead of spending hours shopping for the perfect gift, why not make one? Maxine Levine, our Marketing Assistant, spent time making some delicious jam for her friends and coworkers this year, and it was much appreciated. Take the this idea one step further, and gather together a few people that you love to help when you craft your gifts.
  • Play Secret Santa. Have everyone draw one other person’s name out a hat, set a price range and limit your gift-giving to that one other person.
  • Focus on the less fortunate. Donate to a local organization that helps people in your community in need or help out a family in a developing country. Move the focus away from yourself and spend the season thinking about how you can help others.

This year allow your presence to be your present to your friends and family, leaving  yourself room to relax and focus on the things that are truly important.

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