New Year’s Greetings

New Years’ greetings and best wishes to all our friends on this first day of 2013. During this Year of Faith, we look forward to carrying on our 77-year-old tradition of providing accessible, affordable resources for worship, prayer and living a Christian life.

Pope Benedict, in his Dec. 19 audience, evoked Mary’s response to God’s call as a model for our own lives. On this Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God, it is worth recalling his words:

“In her life Mary knew, as we do, that God’s will can seem at times obscure and far from our expectations; it involves embracing the mystery of the Cross. It is significant that at the Annunciation Mary ponders in her heart the meaning of the Angel’s message. Her example reminds us that faith, while fully obedient to the Lord’s will, also must seek daily to discern, understand and accept that will. In this holy season, may Our Lady’s prayers help us to grow in a humble, trusting faith which will open the door to God’s grace in our hearts and in our world.”

As we move into 2013, let’s all recall these words as we reflect on our own relationship with God and others.

—Joe Sinasac

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