What so Ordinary About Ordinary Time?

For most of us, the feast days that celebrate our type of faith should be the Sundays of Ordinary Time. While the ordering or numbering of Sundays gives the name to Ordinary Time, as a faithful ordinary Catholic this time between Christmas and Lent and the time after Pentecost are times I treasure. I need a little Ordinary Time for my ordinary faith. I need to come down from the mountaintop, to put away the glitter of decorations or the big gatherings. I can’t spend all of my life shouting for joy: sometimes I just need to sit quietly with the Lord and rejoice. “Happiness comes in on tiptoe,” wrote Fred Ebb in a song called A Quiet Thing. And that is how many people experience Jesus, how we experience the Trinity. God, oftentimes, quietly enters the room just to be with us, just to let us know that we are not alone in our ordinary lives, believing with our ordinary faith. No wondrous signs, no long explanations, no voices from heaven, just a real presence. And that my friends is what you call extraordinary! So let us really enjoy these Sundays and celebrate them with joy, for they are our feast days of Ordinary Time.

-Glenn Byer

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