The Living with Christ Survey

We asked for your opinion and we got it in spades!

Recently we sent a survey to readers of Living with Christ seeking information to help us get a clearer picture of who our readers are and how you respond to our missalette.

We heard from more than 8,000 people across Canada—readers ranging from their teens to their 90’s—and responses are still trickling in, both online and via traditional mail.

The results underscored for us how passionate our readers are about their faith. A significant portion of you, for example, told us you attend Mass three or more times weekly, and many rely on Living with Christ not only to prepare for Mass, but also as a prayer aid throughout the week.

Some of you attached notes with additional comments. We heard about your favourite prayers, your thoughts on the revisions to the Roman Missal and what kind of cover images you find inspiring. Many of you shared personal details of the importance faith plays in your daily lives, in good times and bad.

Your opinions were helpful, your stories touching, and your faith inspiring. Thank you!

—Catherine Mulroney

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