This past spring has represented some exhilarating times for the Catholic Church around the world. First we had the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, followed by the election of our first Pope Francis.

Since his election in mid-March, Francis has surprised everyone, and delighted many, with his man-of-the-people approach to his role as Vicar of Christ. Much still remains unknown about the direction of this papacy, but so far we have seen a Bishop of Rome who has a special place for the poor and an exuberant joy in being Catholic. At Novalis, we have been busy recently creating some resources for Canadian readers to satisfy their appetite for all things papal.

thoughts-prayers-of-benedict-xviWe started with a special edition of Living with Christ that combined some of Benedict’s most moving reflections. The Thoughts and Prayers of Benedict XVI is a 32-page, high-quality, full-colour booklet that will inspire you with its photography and offer considerable food for meditation in the coming months. It is the perfect memento of an epoch-making papacy.

benedict-xviIn addition, we have for sale Benedict XVI: Faithful Servant, Courageous Pope, a special edition of Catholic Digest magazine. This 56-page special tribute includes vivid photography, celebrated moments from the life of Pope Benedict, and reflections about our beloved pope, including farewell letters and drawings from children. It is a gorgeous and inspiring commemoration of an extraordinary life. Moving to Francis, we have a beautiful prayer card with our own unique prayer for the Holy Father. Available in packs of 50, this is a wonderful keepsake for members of your parish, class, school or organization.

Pope FrancisAnd coming soon will be Francis Bishop of Rome: A Short Biography. Written by Fr. Michael Collins, a Vatican observer, this book offers a quick entrée into one of the more intriguing lives of our time. For Catholics — and for many others around the world — the papacy represents a central and defining characteristic of our Church. With these resources, you can come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for this essential role of servant-leadership.

-Joseph Sinasac

Publishing Director of Novalis

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