The Continuing Legacy of Catherine Donnelly

Novalis, in partnership with the Sisters of Service, held a successful book launch to celebrate the release of The Courage to Dare: The Spirituality of Catherine Donnelly Founder of the Sisters of Service by Kathryn Perry this May. This spring 2013 title is based on the life of Catherine Donnelly, an important figure in the Canadian Church. Donnelly founded the Sisters of Service, a religious group that reached out to the immigrant settlers of the West. At a time when many religious orders were not involved outside their communities the sisters developed education, health and social services to minister to the spiritual and social needs of new Canadians.

Our publisher, Joseph Sinasac, was the MC for the evening, introduced both Mary Joe Leddy, author of Novalis titles The Other Face of God and Radical Gratitude, and Sr. Adua Zampese, director of The Sisters of Service. Finally, Kathryn Perry spoke. She read an excerpt from her book, and thanked everyone for attending.

Over 60 people came out to Regis College to celebrate the contribution of the Sisters of Service and Sister Donnelly to the Canadian Church. Many of the Sisters knew Catherine Donnelly, who was born in 1884, and lived to the age of 99.

We sold many copies of the book and the launch went longer than planned, as people stayed to socialize and reminisce afterwards. Both Novalis and the sisters of Service were happy with the collaboration. “This was an exciting opportunity to work with a group of women who are carrying on the work of Catherine Donnelly. It was wonderful to that see her legacy continues,” says Joseph Sinasac.

Catherine Donnelly

—Karen Stevens

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