Summer Craft: Be Kind Sunflower

Here’s a craft for a rainy summer day from 37 Catholic Classroom Crafts by Nicole T. Woodard.

What you will need


  • a copy of the sunflower worksheet from pg 87 of 37 Catholic Classroom Crafts, or a drawing of a sunflower with thirteen petals and two leaves
  • petal and leaves worksheets from pg 88-89, or you can use two real leaves in place of the paper cutouts, if desired
  • coloured paper for making copies of the petal and leaves worksheets
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • glitter (optional)


1) Make one copy of the Sunflower worksheet for the each child.


2) Make coloured copies of the petal, flower centre, flower stem and leaves worksheets. Cut out each figure on the various worksheets. Each child will need thirteen petals, one flower center, one flower stem, and two leaves.

3) Assemble kits. Each kit should includes one sunflower worksheet, thirteen petals, one flower center, one flower stem, and two leaves.

Craft Time

1) Give each child a pre-assembled kit.

2) Glue the stem on first.


3) Glue on the two leaves.


4) Glue on each of the thirteen petals


5) Glue on the flower center


6) Rub glue on the tip of the flower centre once it is affixed. Sprinkle with glitter. Now you have a beautiful gift to help you share your kind heart.


IMG_2213To find this craft, and others like it, purchase 37 Catholic Classroom Crafts from our website or by calling 1-800-387-7164.

—Karen Stevens, Editorial Assistant

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