Novalis’ Adventures Across Canada

The Novalis offices have been rather quiet the past few days. This is not to suggest, however, that little is being done. Instead, all of us on staff are hard at work preparing for the fall season and several are travelling across Canada to see many of you. We are excited about the release of our new resources and are hearing great things about our books from friends near and far.

Just this week, Grace Deutsch and Maria Medeiros, our editorial director of resources and sales manager, left to see those of you serving the Church in Saskatchewan. Over the next few days they will be visiting with leaders in the dioceses of Regina and Saskatoon to learn more about how Novalis may serve Catholics living in those regions.

The highlight of Grace and Maria’s trip will be the 93rd National Convention of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of Canada next week. The Catholic Women’s League is one of the leading Catholic organizations in Canada and has contributed tremendously to the growth and development of the Canadian Church. It is an honour for Novalis to participate in the convention and to offer to CWL’s members many great books to support their faith and service to the Church.

Garden Way of the Cross_webThe convention will also feature Louise Tessier and her artwork (featured in our recently released book The Garden Way of the Cross). Inspired by meditations written by Fr. Thomas Stanley, Tessier created ceramic tiles with botanical images that guide our meditation along Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. Her artwork provides a stunning visual reflection on the classic devotion of praying the Stations of the Cross. In celebration of the book’s release, you can order The Garden Way of the Cross through our website for a special price of $11.96. Simply enter promotion code ND1308 before checking out.

-Don Beyers, Marketing Manager

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