Welcome Linda Hazelden, Novalis’ Newest Sales Associate

Linda Hazelden, our new Sales Associate, comes to us with a rich background in teaching, sales and ministry. To introduce and welcome her to Novalis, we asked her to share the answers to a few questions.

What makes you excited to be working at Novalis?

I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the team at Novalis Publishing, working shoulder to shoulder with such wonderful colleagues. I love Novalis’  books, because they explore such diverse and important topics as religion, family, psychology, history and more. I’m also excited to work at a company that partners with so many other publishing houses to distribute such a large number of titles.

Which Novalis books are your favourites?

Unequivocally, my favourite two Novalis publications are the Living with Christ Missalette and the Living with Christ Sunday Missal. They are great companions to my involvement with parish ministries as a Lector, Sacristan and Eucharistic Minister, and support me in sharing my faith as a Companion of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

What kind of books do you like to read on your own time?

I am currently reading Fateful Passages: The Life of Henry Somerville, Catholic Journalist by Joseph Sinasac, our Publishing Director.

Here is a sample of special books in my library:

  • Crossing the Threshold of Hope, by Pope John Paul II
  • Jesus the Liberator, by Jon Sobrino, SJ
  • Pray to Live by Henry Nouwen

—Karen Stevens

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