A New Look for Living with Christ

What a difference a word can make! The move from two sizes of Living with Christ – the Large size and the Regular size – to one Essential Edition has been a real adventure here at the Living with Christ offices. We have been overwhelmed, as have our over two-dozen phone lines, with the interest that people are showing in the new format. We are just as excited as many of you to know that everyone will now have the advantages of the Large size, which is also the size of the new Essential Edition. There will be a new layout, with easier to read print, new features and beautiful photos on the covers.

Announcing this exciting new format sure has meant that our phones have been ringing off the hook! As one of the people responsible for the publication, I have spoken to many of you myself, and I have been impressed with so many things: Of course we have always relied on your dedication to Living with Christ, but the photos that you have submitted to our cover photo contest have also impressed us. And in these weeks, we have counted on your unfailing patience and good will as we make this important transition. Having only one Essential Edition will allow us to do so much more! We are already planning the special Christmas edition for 2014 which will have many great additions for your Christmas celebrations. So stay tuned and stay in touch while you are Living with Christ.

-Glenn Byer, Associate Publisher

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