A New Venture for Living with Christ

In the almost two years I have worked as editor of Living with Christ, I have been truly impressed by our readers’ passionate commitment to their faith.

Every week I receive numerous calls, emails and letters from Canadian Catholics with questions and comments about our Church’s traditions, practices and beliefs. Readers are also keen to share their observations about what it means to be a Catholic in the modern world. The common thread throughout is a hunger to learn more and to deepen their faith.

At Novalis, we describe Living with Christ as Canada’s companion to praying and living the Eucharist. With that motto in mind, we are introducing a new imprint, Living with Christ Books, aimed at offering further support to people looking to enrich their spiritual lives.

This unique line of materials is designed to help readers learn more about Scripture, devotions, prayers and Church teachings. We will also profile some of the influential people in the Canadian Church, while also offering our much-loved seasonal devotion booklets, Word Made Flesh and Sacred Journey.

9782896466238_100One of the first titles in this new lineup is Via Lucis, by Novalis Associate Publisher Dr. Glenn Byer. This beautifully illustrated book explains the relatively new but increasingly popular practice of praying the Stations of the Resurrection.

13_06593_Novalis Cover_A_FB 001_Single-sided_C,M,Y,K.pdfAnother title sure to appeal to many is Pocket Prayers for Parents, a handy resource for mothers and fathers which include prayers for everything, from the celebrations to the challenging times that are part of family life.

As always, we are guided by the principle upon which Novalis was founded, and that is to provide affordable materials to support and enhance the faith lives of Canadian Catholics.

Stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting new venture!

-Cathering Mulroney, Editor of Living with Christ, Canada’s Companion to Praying and Living the Eucharist

2 responses to “A New Venture for Living with Christ

  1. Am not good with the computer, emailing is not bad but how do I do the rest, I enjoy the new format of the Living with Christ, I also am receiving Richard Rohr’s and Henry Nouwen’s messages and enjoy them tremendous, mainly Richard’s. I am Treeske Holtkamp from Yorkton Sk. and have orders placed before, but don’t know how to do it by email. Have a great day and thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on CARFLEO and commented:
    Living With Christ has and continues to be a central resource for the Catholic classroom. This month sees a redesigned format and a new publishing series.

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