One of the great benefits of working for a publisher is getting a first look at many remarkable books well before they go to press. This year, I am particularly impressed by many of the titles we recently released just in time for Lent, which will begin a month from now. As I read through each manuscript and printed book, I can’t but help to think of the many ways each title will help us deepen and enrich our spiritual journey.

Published last fall, The Garden Way of the Cross invites us to walk along Jesus’ path to the cross through evocative reflections and vibrant images. Illustrated by Canadian artist Louise Tessier and written by Fr. Thomas Stanley, the meditations help us to experience anew this classic Lenten practice.

fresh-look-at-confessionAnother title we published in the fall that will help us along our Lenten journey is A Fresh Look at Confession: Why it Really is Good for the Soul. For many of us, Lent offers the opportunity to reflect upon our relationship with God and each other. One of the ways we encounter the compassion and love of God is through our sacramental celebration of reconciliation. For many of us though, the sacrament can be both frightening and confusing. Author Fr. David Knight helps us to see Confession as less about our sins, but how our lives may not always align with what we believe and profess. In naming our sins, we acknowledge that we are called to live more authentically as sons and daughters of God.

twelve-degreesFurther encouraging us in deepening our relationship with God and each other are three newly released books of ours: The Twelve Degrees of Silence, The Transforming Power of Lectio Divina, and Via Lucis: The Way of Light. Canadian author Lucinda Vardey introduces and shares with us the profound wisdom and insight of the Carmelite mystic and nun Sr. Marie-Aimeé de Jésus in The Twelve Degrees of Silence. Sr. Marie’s spiritual reflections help us discover the liberating and renewing power of silent meditation and prayer in our life.

lecto-divinaTo help us with our silent reflection, Sr. Maria Tasto introduces us to the classic practice of praying the scriptures, otherwise known as lectio divina, or sacred reading, in her newest book The Transforming Power of Lectio Divina. The powerful scripture readings of Lent offer a perfect opportunity for us to begin this time-tested practice.

9782896466238_100Our very own associate publisher, Glenn Byer, turns to the scriptures as well and introduces us to the stations of the resurrection in his book Via Lucis. Introduced as a popular devotion by Fr. Sabino Palumbieri, the way of light invites us to follow, pray and reflect upon Jesus’ appearances after the resurrection. Byer’s presentation of this practice, complemented by stunning images of light, will help you and your parish community celebrate the life-giving grace of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Finally, I can’t help but mention our friends at Creative Communications for the Parish and their affordable and accessible resources for Lent and Easter. Their Lent and Easter materials, distributed by Novalis in Canada, enhance our commemoration of Jesus’ passion and celebrate his resurrection.

You can find these, and so many more books and resources, at our website. And if you ever need help finding a great book, let us know. We will be happy to help you and your community as you search for great resources to enrich your faith life.

-Don Beyers, Marketing Manager


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