Friday Favourites: Children’s Bible Games

You’ll have to break the spine of these books.

Some readers refuse to do anything to their books. No highlighters or pencils, no dog-earing the pages, always wash your hands and no breaking the spine. You’re meant to treasure books—especially books for kids, who like hitting other kids with them and doodling and chewing on the corners.

But in the case of the Children’s Bible Games books, you’ll have to break the spine. They’re activity books, plain and simple, and the games inside are meant to be photocopied and passed around.

You don’t need a classroom or a nursery at the church—these games can be played with your kids at home. Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert is represented by a maze (beautifully drawn in green Celtic knots), the parables are described in a matching images game, and kids have to pick the ten plagues of Egypt out of other vivid scenes of apocalypse.

Don’t worry, though: the drawings aren’t scary. The artwork is simple but expressive, with bold primary colours and clean lines. The games work best for children ages 6 to 9—though some of them can get surprisingly tricky. One of the games is picking 12 prophets out of 18 Biblical figures, and I got (without Googling!) Elijah, Ezekiel, Moses, Zechariah, Samuel, Jonah, Jeremiah, Elisha, Isaiah, Daniel, Adonijah and Anna.

The Children’s Bible Games books are great ways to get kids talking about the Bible and asking questions: who is he? What’s he doing? They keep kids’ minds active with drawing, examining pictures, sorting and comparing. And—if you don’t mind damaging your copy of the book just a little—you can keep reusing the activities over and over well into the future.

-Gillian Robinson, Sales and Marketing Assistant

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