Friday Favourites: A Year with Pope Francis

Pope Francis has captured the hearts of many for the past several years and continues to challenge us to live a faith more authentic and true to the gospel. He is known for his simplicity and humility, as well as his preferential option for the poor, treating them as people who have the right to express their faith in their own way.

Since the beginning of his papacy, I have been eager to get to know Pope Francis by his writings; thus, I took the opportunity to read A Year with Pope Francis.

Edited by Alberto Rossa, C.M.F., this book is not a theological work but rather a collection of statements made during his first year of papacy and quotations from his writings when he was Archbishop of Argentina. You will find short quotes marked by month and day, each with its own rhythm, for example:

“Openness to others reflects our openness to the Lord. It is he, the one with an open heart, the only one who can open a space for peace in our hearts, that peace which makes us open to others” (p. 33).

“Our God is so eager to forgive that at the slightest sign of repentance he is ready with his mercy. He does not forget the covenant he made to our ancestors” (p.223).

As you can see, the quotes included in this book are brief and are meant to enrich your prayer life. The quotes are often thought provoking and inspirational, serving as a companion along your daily faith journey.


Each quote is like a bead of the Rosary, linking them to the mystery of our faith. The wisdom of Pope Francis will give you strength and build you in hope to live out the gospel.

– Lisa Dzikowski, Marketing Assistant

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