Bring Hope to the World

It is small wonder that the early church chose Dec. 25 to represent the day that Christ was born. Just after the winter solstice, the day of the year in which we experience the longest night, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth was a great light in the darkness.

Even today, light remains an important part of the Christmas tradition. We sing of a “Star of wonder” and look to the east. We decorate the outside of our houses with lights, bedeck our Christmas trees with them, light candles on Christmas Eve. In this season of long nights, we seek to bring hope to our world through light.

As spiritual writer Krystyna Higgins observes in the Living with Christ Sunday Misssal in her reflection for December 25, “Light is an essential, uplifting and transformative element in our lives.”

Christ is our light and we are called to be light to the world ourselves. This is at the heart of the mission of Novalis publishing, to help the people of God to bring the transformative light of Christ to the world.

It is an absolutely essential mission — one made more urgent by the spread of darkness through terrorism, economic upheaval, global conflict and contagious disease. Rarely has there been a time in recent years when fear has been so widespread.

At such times, we need the light of the Christ child more than ever. At this time, may this most holy light enter your world and fill it with peace, hope and joy. From all of us at Novalis, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

-Joseph Sinasac, Publishing Director



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