Literature’s Impact


By Matthew Sottile, Editor 

By definition, literature consists of “written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.” The books we cherish move us to tears, educate youth, and transport us to worlds far away. I think we can all agree that they attain superior or lasting merit.

This extends into the realm of Catholicism, as we all have our favourite passages, excerpts, and writings just to name a few. They speak to us, inspire us, unlike anything we’d believe words to be capable of achieving. This Christmas season, while family gathers and friends visit, why not share a few of your favourites with loved ones?

Some of my personal favourites include the spiritually refreshing biographies from the People of God series. The reason for this is simple; political grumblings from south of the border may leave many questioning the current state of moral and ethical principles. This series dives into the world of Catholicism through the eyes of many influential Catholic figures, as well as individuals in the world of today’s popular culture, which is not always thought of as reflections of Catholic values. It opens our eyes, and reminds us that Catholicism is all around us; it shares a side of piety that, even through trying times, exists and offers spiritual support.

So whether you curl up with a copy of Luis Antonio Tagle’s journey, Jean Vanier’s moving achievements, or Martin Sheen’s words against war and exploitation of foreign workers, be sure to enjoy all that these spiritually rich titles offer.

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