Shrove Tuesday: Preparing for Lent


By Matthew Sottile, Editor

A day when Catholics everywhere prepare themselves for the challenges Lent will bring, yet also serves as an introspective moment of thanks. I say this because many celebrate the day with a heaping pile of pancakes, feasting with loved ones in preparation for both a mental and physical act of self-control.

Traditionally used as a day in which families would use all of the fatty, heavy foods for one last feast before entering a period of Lenten fasting, we are also asked to ponder the areas in which additional spiritual growth is needed; we are entering a season of penance. Small children are asked to make the unthinkable forfeiture of loveable treats, as an act of solemnity and respect for Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice. Adults, although free to follow in children’s footsteps with their own bit of sacrifice, are reminded to make it a decision that builds on their spiritual relationship with God. We are asked to dive into our hearts and minds, searching for ways to demonstrate a sense of sacrifice and self-examination while preparing for the coming of Easter.

What does Lent usually look like for you? Take a moment to reflect on some potential directions for your Lenten season, and where you’d like to start your journey.

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