Tell me about Easter_300

By Anne Louise Mahoney, Editor

It can be a challenge to hand on our faith to children these days. With so many activities and distractions vying for their attention, faith sharing can get lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, few kids can resist a good story – and our Christian story is a story like no other! Reading a book together is an act of love and caring, complete with cuddles and heart-to-heart conversations. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The new Tell me about series is a great place to start. These 6-inch-square paperbacks are very kid friendly: they use contemporary language aimed at young readers and are filled with colourful, expressive illustrations.

There are six books in the series:

In reading and rereading these books together, you and the child in your life can delve into the heart of God, get to know Jesus, pray, explore our faith story and learn about the feasts of Christmas and Easter. From there, you can add your own stories and continue the sharing. Over time, “Tell me about…” can be an opening to all sorts of fascinating and fun discussions about our faith!

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