By Matthew Sottile, Editor

Every year, on March 17th, we’re reminded of the day devoted to St. Patrick (albeit many are unaware of his religious influences and position in the church while dawning the appropriate green gear and enjoying the many festivities). I’d like to review some of his accomplishments, and shed some light on St. Patrick, the instrumental bishop of Ireland.

Although his religious influence directly affected Ireland, many celebrate his memory worldwide. People wear green, dawn the shamrock (which was a teaching tool he used to illustrate the Trinity to the people of Ireland), and add a touch of green dye to their choice of beverage. Born in Scotland, he was taken to Ireland as a slave but escaped because of a dream in which God spoke to him, directing him to leave Ireland.

Eventually, he would return after studying in France and being ordained as a bishop. His decades in Ireland were spent educating the people, and converting many to Christianity. While he would die in the same place he was once a slave and later bishop, his memory is everlasting and is still felt today, almost 1556 years later.

So whether you’re sharing a meal with loved ones, or having a drink to end a busy week, be sure to say a small prayer to honour St. Patrick, the bishop who brought Christianity to Ireland!



*Information from the Archdiocese of Toronto was used in the creation of this blog.

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