By Matthew Sottile, Editor

Today marks Holy Thursday, which means Easter is upon us. Before celebrating the Risen Lord, we must revisit the moments leading up to the Death and Resurrection. Today, transubstantiation is positioned at the center of our focus (as if it’s not any other celebration), representing the moment in which Jesus and His disciples shared one last meal.

Jesus, knowing one of his disciples would betray him, offered them bread and wine while giving thanks, and explained to them that they were His “Body and Blood”. Looking above at Leonardo Da Vinci’s rendition of the event, we notice the eventual betrayer, Judas (5th figure from the left), holding what seems to be a satchel of coins tucked away neatly- presumably as payment from those who want Jesus arrested. This would, as we know, lead to the events that take place on Good Friday, and Easter. It is by all means, the centerpiece of our religion, our beliefs, our faith. We relive this moment during each liturgical celebration, when the priest blesses the Eucharist and the moment of transubstantiation takes place- the bread becomes the body of Christ; the wine becomes the blood. We share this tradition together, as one, just as Jesus intended for us.

Keep these events in your mind and heart when sharing a meal with loved ones this evening, as well as throughout the weekend; remember to say a special prayer for those around you, and thank Jesus for his sacrifices.

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