By Matthew Sottile, Editor

Today we remember Saint Philip Neri, the Apostle of Rome, for all he did with the sick and the poor, and how such acts affect our day-to-day as Catholics. We’re asked to lend a helping hand, assist those in need; no one better embodied this moralistic tradition than Philip Neri. This did, however, come to be through a mystical vision he experienced, which redirected his original path set to continue the family business. In today’s fast-paced society that places too much emphasis on possessions and materialistic goods, we’re reminded of the humble lifestyle Philip Neri chose.

Prior to devoting his life to assisting the sick and the poor, Philip Neri spent time in solitary life. He dedicated much of his time to prayer while eating small meals consisting of bread, water and vegetables. Again, it serves as a gentle reminder to all of us whom live in times filled in vanity and narcissism, that self-reflection and internal spirituality can offer everlasting fulfillment. We must first find ourselves before we enter the world and assist those around us, as materials are unable to truly offer a life of happiness and spiritual tranquility.

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