One of the titles in our new fall lineup, Sharing Our Story: How Grandparents Today Pass on the Catholic Faith, explores the practical, emotional and spiritual ways that grandparents (and all elders in the faith community) can guide the faith journey of the younger generation through reflection and shared activities. Follow along as we, the Novalis team, documents the spiritual influences of our grandparents.

“My paternal grandparents were steadfast Catholics — in every sense of the word. They were not showy about it, but there were certain rituals that were never missed. Aside from Sunday Mass at the small rural French church they attended, they made a habit of saying the Rosary every night. In the parlour of their old farmhouse, they had a prie-dieu — a piece of furniture that rarely exists today, and certainly not a fixture in people’s homes. It was a small kneeler, suitable for one person, with a tiny shelf at chest height when kneeling to provide a space for a prayer book. Each night, my grandmother would be at the price-dieu while my grandfather stood as they recited the Rosary. It was a quiet but dignified and moving affair. Through many years, it was a living witness to their fidelity and of the place of Christ in their lives.”

By Joseph Sinasac, Publishing Director




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