An Advent Reflection


By Matthew Sottile, Editor

The Advent season serves as a spiritual cleanse, with the main component always serving as a time for reflection and preparation for the coming of our Lord. At times, this can be difficult; as a society, we’re all constantly running around, doing as much as we possibly can within the hours of the day, and at times, feels like even that’s not enough time. We should, however, never lose track of the Advent season and all that it implies.

It’s a time for introspective examination: a time to look deep into our consciences and seek forgiveness for our wrongdoings, and a time to seek spiritual peace. This internal dialogue should never dissipate, but instead, be used to begin the process of our Advent reflection.

Be sure to set aside time in your busy schedules; reflection and preparation should be the centre-piece of the Advent season.

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