By Matthew Sottile, Editor

What does Shrove Tuesday mean to you? Many families celebrate with copious amounts of fatty-foods, indulging in the joys of a shared meal. Laughter, happiness, conversation and prayer are on full-display as pancakes are drowned in syrup and other delicious fixings.

This is, however, a preparation for both a mental and physical act of self-control. We, as individuals and families, need to ask ourselves how we need to feed our spirit as well as our stomachs. We need to pray, and ponder the areas in which spiritual growth is needed as we enter a season of penance.

What is an ultimate act of penance? Giving up something that we enjoy, such as sweets, reminds us of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice and illustrates an act of solemnity. Adults are asked to do the same, in a way, to demonstrate a sense of sacrifice and self-examination while preparing for the coming of Easter.

Before sitting around the table with family and loved ones, be sure to ponder ways in which this goal can be achieved, and pay attention to the grumbling of your spiritual well-being, as well as your stomach!

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