Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints tells a story of wonderful relationships between animals and saints. Beautifully illustrated, each story teaches us that we are united with holy creatures who walked and flew the Earth long before humans did.  

I can go on about the amazing art work, the fun, almost fable-like stories of seven Saints and their animal friends, or I could chat about the he mischievous magpie that is found in each story – and in actual fact, in all the places where these stories take place – who ‘borrows’ items from the saints in each story, brings them back to her nest (4th last page) where children can delight in identifying which item came from which saint, or I could discuss the extra material freely available online to help parents, catechists and teachers to engage children more deeply in the loving ecological message about creation the whole book imparts. 

But truly, why not just have you watch this clip below where Greg Kennedy SJ narrates about Saint Kevin and the Blackbird. You’ll see why this is a brilliant book!

Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints can be found and purchased here.

Simon Appolloni, Associate Publishing Director, Novalis

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