Labour Day is always bittersweet: as the last hurrah of summer, it is a little sad, but as the beginning of the hustle and bustle of autumn, it reminds us of interesting and exciting things to come.

This Labour Day is unlike any other in recent memory. The coronavirus and the long, hot days of violence, particularly in the United States, but with its spill over into Canada, remind us that our world needs healing in the worst way. And we cannot forget those who struggle with the impact of lost jobs or natural disasters.

Given all this suffering, Fr. Max Oliva, author of several Novalis books, has been prompted to reflect on the Reign of God and how we participate in bringing that about. Fr. Max lives in the United States so his concern is naturally south of the border. But I want to share some of it with you here as this day is an appropriate moment to consider our own responsibility to the planet. I quote from his own newsletter:

There are many prisms for a reflection on life:

There is the global concern for the life of the planet: can it survive climate change?

There is the dignity of each person and the right to be born.

There are the lives of those Black people in the United States that have been snuffed out through racial discrimination by some in law enforcement and by the lack of social justice.

There are the lives of those children at our southern (US) border who have been forcibly separated from their parents; and adults who were brought here as children from Mexico who are now threatened with deportation to a country not their own.

There are the lives of Native Americans who often lack the necessary health care to effectively fight COVID-19.

There is the life of the economy – because of the coronavirus many people have found themselves out of work, some even becoming homeless. 

It seems to me that we are in a struggle to protect the life of:







We further the Reign of God:

Every time we stand up for life in all its forms.

Every time we seek unity over division.

Every time we seek love over hate.

Every time we choose the truth over conspiracy.

Every time we speak up on behalf of those who are discriminated against.

I couldn’t agree more.

Joseph Sinasac, Publishing Director, Novalis

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