Kids and teens have a lot of time on their hands these days. In various parts of Canada, school’s out and remote learning is in. Sports and many outdoor activities are on hold. Even the toboggan hill is off limits in some places! What’s a kid or teen (or at-their-wits’-end parent) to do?

When screen time has reached its limits and the younger members of the family are bored of yet another board game, it’s time to get lost in a book or two. When my son was in elementary school, one of his teachers started a fun activity known as DEAR time: Drop Everything And Read! At a random time once a day, the teacher would call out, “DEAR time!” The kids would scramble to grab a book and dive in for a little while.

So, to get you in the spirit, here are some faith-related books for kids and teens to get them thinking, dreaming, even praying. There are also some suggestions for tired parents who are finding it hard to keep everything going with kids underfoot 24/7, COVID fatigue and the January blahs. So… drop everything and read!

For kids:

For teens:

For parents:

Happy reading!

Anne Louise Mahoney, Managing Editor, Novalis

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