The season of Lent is just around the corner! Will you be looking for a good companion for your Lenten journey? While many Lenten resources can be found on our website, there is our much-beloved Lenten devotional booklet that has long been in our family of products for many years: Sacred Journey.

For those unfamiliar with this little devotional, it is a short, accessible booklet that contains day-by-day scripture-inspired reflections and prayers to accompany your Lenten journey.

Each reflection starts out with a passage of scripture from the day’s readings and explores the nuggets of wisdom held therein, followed by a prayer starter to help you set off on your own personal prayer journey.

Scripture allows us to feel the Galilean sun on our faces, hear the roar of the Palm Sunday crowds, and sense the heartache of those gathered at the foot of the cross.

(excerpt from Sacred Journey 2021 by Catherine Mulroney, Toronto-based faith writer and
former Editor of Living with Christ)

Sacred Journey invites us to renew our faith, to meditate on God’s abundant love for his children, and to explore those areas of our lives that could use some improvement, such as mending a broken friendship, learning to love more generously, or being more open to those inner promptings of the Holy Spirit and the new ventures that God may be inviting us into.

The author skilfully and creatively takes the well-known stories and passages of the bible and incorporates them into our own lives. One of my favourite reflections in the booklet is:

The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. (Psalm 18.2)

Renovations at our house turned up a sizeable rock that somehow found itself parked by the end of our driveway. I wanted it carted away by our contractor but our kids protested. The rock, they said, was fun. It made a perfect soapbox for making pronouncements. It could be coloured with chalk. It was a great workspace for sorting bugs and leaves and all the treasures the kids could find in the garden. And so the rock remained. Over two decades, though, it was driven over many times by people backing out or turning into our driveway. First small cracks emerged and then the whole thing crumbled. Our now-adult children still bemoan the rock’s fate. The rock that is God, though, endures. God is strong and constant, able to take whatever our direction may be and lead us back to the right path. God is my rock. (Sacred Journey, p. 41)

If you would like to explore this booklet more in-depth, this faithful Lenten companion can be found and purchased here.

Natalia Kononenko, Editor, Living with Christ

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