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Today, on September 30, people across Canada observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. On this day we invite you to spend some time in prayer, reflection and education. Below is a special prayer we would like to share with you. May God bring healing and reconciliation to where it is most needed and show us the way forward to live as sisters and brothers in one human family.


God of all Children
God of the Lost
God of the Hidden Pain
True God for all your people.

We come to you today seeking courage
The courage to acknowledge our failings,
The courage to forgive,
The courage to live as one community.

For those who suffered the loss of family to residential schools
May all of Canada offer ourselves as brothers and sisters who will always remember their pain
And who will be a home of safety for those who cannot forget.

For those who suffered abuse, and for their descendants who also bear scars
May people of faith offer the courage of honesty as a healing agent;
A ministry of truth with hope for the future.

For those individuals and institutions that inflicted the injustice of residential schools,
May the full confession of the truth lead to reconciliation,
And may a true spirit of penance inspire the work of reparations.

We pray also for the children of today,
For children of all backgrounds, all economic situations, all abilities;
Give them the courage of a new beginning,
The courage of forgiving that leads to freedom,
The courage to resist the shackles of vengeance.

Lead us all to that good and promised land
From sea to sea to sea
Where all God’s children will know the benefits of learning
And have no limits to their dreams.

Prayer written by Dr. Glenn Byer, author and co-author of numerous books published by Novalis.

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