Photo: Greg Kennedy, SJ

Theologian: Explain Ascension.

Earth: Ask asparagus.

Theologian: What on Earth do you mean?

Earth: Both in the Earth and of it, asparagus ascends

            with vernal force into low-lying sky

            begging working hands to come

            bend, break and eat.

Theologian: But what about the Trinity?

Earth: In the roots perennial, yes,

            even in the silent season

            beneath the freeze unseen

            the Creator does not cease

            to send, though slow, the second

            through soil with upward surge

            all power resting in the deeply buried crown;

            and the surge itself

            pure spirit connecting

            always Creator and Creating

            ever climbs the solid holy rungs

            of Earth-born gravity.

Theologian: But in all this heavy Earthiness I fail to see the Kingdom really come.

Earth: Man of Galilee and Library, why do you stand there

            looking up to heaven?

Greg Kennedy, SJ is a Jesuit priest working as a spiritual director at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario. His prayer often takes the form of poetry. Care of creation is central to his vocation. His recent publications include Joyful, Mournful Noises and The Hard Road Up to Hallelujah, volume 2 and volume 3, respectively, in the Reupholstered Psalms series.

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