Kids today got no king

they got no king

everywhere anxiety

they got no king got no king

God told the line of Abraham

not to cower beneath the crown

but they had freedom second down

the list below security

so they got a king they got a king

then huge rigid thrones took over

the hushed theatre of the universe

and left no space for people unpowered

to sit simply on the ground

kings begot kings begot kings

till Christ with royal sceptre

thrown straight into the sewer

rushed headlong to succour

bodies beaten in the gutter

with great Samaritan haste

Christ the King Christ the King

in one fell swoop crucified

abolished monarchy

that’s why kids today got no king

they got no king

the queen is dead

long live the fall of Empire

they got no king got no king

no one danced as much as youthful David

before they sat him on mad Saul’s old throne.

Greg Kennedy writes poetry, practices spiritual direction and runs ecologically grounded retreats at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario. He has published with Novalis three volumes of Reupholstered Psalms and Amazing Friendships Between Animals and SaintsHis prayer is unconventional but, he trusts, unconditionally faithful.

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