Friday Favourites: Living Christmas

On pages 28 and 29 of Living Christmas, the book shows you how to make the Star of Bethlehem for your homemade Nativity scene. But since it’s nearly—well, three weeks away from—Christmas, we’ll show you how to make one right here.




You’ll need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard or Bristol board
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • Glue
  • A copy of Living Christmas


First, copy the template in the book for the star pattern.







Next, cut out your star shape with scissors.







Cut up your tissue paper into very small squares (the smaller the better).







Crumple those squares up into very small balls, and apply glue.







Paste the tiny balls of crumpled-up tissue paper onto your star shape.







Keep going! (Also don’t forget to put down protective covering on your table, and wash your hands. Glue gets everywhere.)







And done.







Earlier I punched a hole in the star shape, and then threaded a ribbon through it…







…so it could go up on our Christmas tree in the office.







You can do the same. But, technically speaking, the Star of Bethlehem is just one part of a bigger Nativity scene outlined in the book. If you want to build the entire project—as well as table place settings and an Advent calendar—take a look through Living Christmas with your kids.

–Gillian Robinson, Sales and Marketing Assistant

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