The Righteousness of God

Advent hastens on, and we can hear the intensity of the anticipation for a coming saviour in the readings.

But listen again, and hear that, just as Israel was being saved from itself, we are being saved from ourselves. What Israel and, ultimately, what we are called to become is the righteousness, the justice, the very love of God. It is not about becoming a mighty earthly power, or holding political kingship. Only when we can see beyond this and reflect the beauty of God will we be truly great.

Peace in the world will come only with the heroic righteousness of those wise enough to see. Saint Joseph was inspired to see beyond an unexpected pregnancy to the wonderful life that would save even him. He did what was right because he believed that would allow him to participate in the salvation of the world.

Like Joseph, we are called to follow the will of the Lord.

-Excerpt from Word Made Flesh 2014

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