A second story

fear of Empire

and its second-hand crush

had them up

all night huddled

in a room

trying to constitute


draft after draft

no consensus

inch by inch

gaining/losing ground

in the holy war

of visionary wills

assuming the true

disciple’s right

of leadership

in the absence of the captain.

scenes like these

are the tired liturgies

of every back-to-business


post-crisis du jour.

but suddenly

all healing breaks loose

and blows away

the embattled postures.

there’s no more sitting down

no more heels digging in

but now only dancing


swinging partners

being swung

one big single body

calling steps

and stepping them

at the very same time

that every mind

flashes with the very same truth:


This is it!

the missing link

the awaited glue

the sewing sinew

making all legs leap


as never before

the Lord sent in

the blowsy choreographer.

Of course, all that talk

in tongues

was also good fun

and free

and full of the most


communal wisdoms.

Everyone said the same thing:


Every smile agreed:

this was the seed

to some serious growth

sowed in wild hilarity.

What a kick-off


Pentecostal Party!

And listen,

if you sit real quiet

you’ll still feel

(even to this day)

the twitching in your legs.

Greg Kennedy, SJ is a Jesuit priest working as a spiritual director at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, Ontario. His prayer often takes the form of poetry. Care of creation is central to his vocation. His new book, Reupholstered Psalms: Ancient Songs Sung New, is now available for purchase.

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